Gainesville, Virginia

One-Story, 28,000 SF Interior Build Out; Building LEED Gold Certified LEED-Specific Items include 4,000 SF Green Roof system; Low-flow sinks, toilets, and showers; Motion-based faucet controls; Waterless urinals; 50% reduction in potable water use; Daylight- and motion-responsive lighting; Light density of 0.9 Watts/square foot; Energy Star appliances; Green power credits for 100% of electricity used; 25% lower energy usage than a typical building of WSSI’s size; No CFC’s used in HVAC or refrigeration, Low-VOC paints, coatings, carpeting, and furniture; 62 thermal zones; Access to direct daylight and views; Carbon dioxide sensors to deliver fresh air; and 3 times more ventilation than required by code.